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Product of reactor of 500 kilovolt high pressure the breakthrough of 0
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A few days ago, on the west electric group and company of Philippine nation transmit electricity signed reactor of 500 kilovolt high pressure and accessory equipment whole set to reach key engineering contract in Manila. Contract content includes 30MVar of 6 500 kilovolt control of lightning arrester of single-phase and shunt-wound reactor, 500 kilovolt, power station protects facility, and the earth that extend stands builds installation of construction, equipment to debug etc, total amount is 3.8 million euro.

The autograph of this contract is made an appointment with, the mark is worn on the west product of reactor of 500 kilovolt high pressure is in electric group the breakthrough of 0 achieved on the international market, right product of electric group high end marchs on the west the international market has important sense.

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