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Our country mechanical and electrical products encounters an European Union " gr
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Not long ago, european Union " design of zoology of product of specific power consumption asks to dictate " (EUP of the following abbreviation dictates) the first batch of executive detailed rules come on stage already formally, basically involve street illume product, office lighting product, bide one's time and close machine power comsumption, outside product of buy type power source and engine of simple and easy type carry the product such as the box on the head, this means afore-mentioned products to enter an European Union to will be faced with more strict " green camp " .

As what be aimed at standard of specific power consumption technical trade barrier, EUP instruction carries out detailed rules the first batch to will affect our country badly to export the specified number to the European Union older office equipment, freezer, air conditioning, Electromechanical is symphonious resemble waiting for 5 kinds of products. It is with mechanical and electrical products exemple, the statistical data of chamber of commerce of Chinese Electromechanical imports and exports shows: Our country accumulative total exports mechanical and electrical products to the European Union first half of the year this year 83.88 billion dollar, grow 30.4% compared to the same period, 24.8% what occupy our country mechanical and electrical products to export total about.

The basis carries out detailed rules, transferred 2010 period after the end, be equivalent to our country only can ability of afore-mentioned 5 kinds of products of 1 class export effect level smoothly European Union. However, the office equipment of European Union of our country exit, freezer, air conditioning, Electromechanical is symphonious 2007 in resembling a product, can the product that effect level reachs 1 level has about 20% only. If does not promote energy-saving standard, at the appointed time our country has about most probably afore-mentioned products will by European Union close the door on.

The expert inside course of study suggests, in the light of EUP the instruction produces the environmental protection standard that the process sets to the product, domestic company besides value an option energy-saving material, outside optimizing those who produce flow, still should exert oneself has made following tripartite ranges answer the job: The first, master newest pertinent information in time, avoid the impact that causes because of information asymmetry. EUP instruction executive detailed rules will be in 2007~2010 year between roll out according to different plan by 14 products group, our country enterprise should consult in time the standard of relevant environmental protection of European Union each country, Japan and United States, adjust each index of product research and development actively, the environment that because these standards make EUP statement extremely likely in the future,carries out detailed rules changes design standard.

The 2nd, aggrandizement green supplies chain, ensure the product is in the management that accords with a condition undertakes production below the system. Relevant manufacturer should take effective measures, make sure the product accords with environmental management system (abbreviation EMS) run a system with quality (abbreviation QMS) .
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