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Development of semiconductor illume estate needs industrial group form a complet
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As illume industry in the ascendant support a department, semiconductor illume represents the way that whole industry develops. Our country is seeking the optimal pattern that expands semiconductor illume trade, among them the practice of the Fujian Province is worth to affirm and be recommended.

A few days ago, hall of Fujian Province Information Industry is being organized declare channel industrialization of illume of bank nation semiconductor reachs applied demonstrative base on the west. Sign in former MII and Fujian Province government " about accelerating channel the cooperative agreement that the Information Industry expands bank economy division on the west " in put forward clearly, advance the base of national electron Information Industry of the Fujian Province and industrial garden construction jointly, industrialization of bank semiconductor illume reachs supportive construction channel on the west use demonstrative base.

With the means of industrial base, attract enterprise of form a complete set and content to flow, the affiliation of the whole industry catenary such as treatment, service, it is our country's commonner practice. Before this, dress, shoe, toy, home appliance, hardware | The industry such as the tool has successful model.

Current, the condition that industry of illume of our country semiconductor grows and trend are pretty good, the development of denotative chip industry especially rapid, enclose enterprise dimensions to continue to keep faster extend, illume application obtains greater progress. While industrial dimensions is extended quickly, domestic industry structure also has bigger promotion, in step up of high-end product portion, if display screen | Chip of indication parts of an apparatus, SMD and high-power enclose the product, illume product such as street lamp to have apparent progress.

According to the statistic of former MII, our country LED enclosed production value to achieve 16.8 billion yuan 2007, relatively the 15%% of 14.8 billion yuan of growth 2006; Crop increases 24%% by 66 billion of 2006, achieve 82 billion, shine high among them LED production value achieves 12 billion yuan, occupy the 71%% of LED total sales. In the meantime, from the point of product and company structure, home also has bigger improvement, SMD and high-power LED enclose growth faster, at present countrywide high-power is enclosed produce already can achieve 10KK/ month left and right sides.

In addition, production value of product of our country application already exceeded 30 billion yuan 2007, become LED full prize to show the application such as illume of LED of screen, solar energy, landscape product world's greatest production and exit country, burgeoning semiconductor illume industry is being formed. Home has formed particular distinguishing feature in illume domain, among them outdoors illume development is the rapiddest, already enterprise of street lamp of about a hundred LED builds a few demonstrative road, but home is in a poor light in large size LCD and car headlamp respect still is shown backward.
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