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Effect of brand of manual tool development is aided blast
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Manual tool regards our country as one of main products of exit, having the result of arrogant person all the time in recent years. Especially as process of global economic integration accelerate, the hand moves a tool to machine industry to become world metals tool to produce the main force of course of study stage by stage. No matter be in global tool market, still be in our country tool market, what the hand stirs the wide, demand of the application of the tool is big super- envisage. Adversary of a few developed countries moves the demand of the tool to increase by degrees every year with the speed of hundred.

Current, the staple market that Chinese hand uses tool manufacturer is overseas market. Especially the productivity that the hand of Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang moves tool manufacturer to raising them anticipates with be being dealt with in the round the exit that rise is sold, the market outside enlarging the of great capacity through producing product of intermediate, high end is enclothed rate and score much better limit gain. The hand moves tool manufacturer confident to foreground, the person of 50% above forecasts overseas market to grow extent to will exceed 10% .

But, manual tool develops and not allow hopeful. Above all, manual tool exit withdraws tax rate since 2008 from before 13% reduce 5% present, the RMB appreciates quickly, also pull further low the profit margin of the enterprise. Next, the hand moves the production of the tool to basically suffer the raw material price such as rolled steel to affect. The hand moves a tool to be small profit product more, and market competition is intense, unified raising price is impossible, carry valence to be equal to a photograph of old client submissively to let undoubtedly individually, nobody dare risk the risk that loses the market. Finally, our tool industry is existing excessive competition, numerous domestic manufacturer and brand advocate line of business is not prominent, core competition ability is poor. How to change this one situation to make trade of our country manual tool whether carry the state that can develop continuously, make the central point that everybody pays close attention to.

As we have learned, most consumer is in the first time when buying a hand to use a tool, insufficient to the understanding of the brand, very big one part person is the brand that just understands a hand to use a tool after buy and be used and quality stand or fall. Can say, establishing a hand to use the brand force of the tool is the optimal option that our country hand uses tool industry to take door going abroad.

Look from current and actual condition, tool industry of abroad has become the transnational corporation that great reputation enjoys on international, and tool industry of China is for the most part on the international market silent and anonymous. Having difference than Chinese tool industry with posture of international tool industry apparent. Be built in the brand especially and the brand popularizes a field, the aspect that the Chinese company of the person that international tool industry has a lot of studies.
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