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The difference that reviews industry of tool of China of international tool indu
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Chinese hand moves tool company existence dimensions is lesser, the product is not quite rich, quality is not high, lack the issue such as the brand, belong to a model " much and not strong " . So, make high grade hand use tool product, establishing a hand to use tool brand is current it is the optimal opportunity that current China hand moves tool company.

The four-wheel drive that breath out boiler shows to decide science and technology of 3 cent the world at the beginning of industry inflection point own innovation makes competition ability of Shaanxi company core promotes power facilities manufacturing industry considerably: Dye-in-the-wood Shaanxi Anhui throws delayed effect 5 years 50 billion yuan build " of price of steel of electrified wire netting to look up " market get warm again after a cold spell is worth to expect rubbish becomes the popular commodities on the market to be exhibited from machine tool of 2006 China numerical control via machining see an industry develop actor and situation to have both our country spin is mechanical 2005.

Shenyang machine tool " B plans " challenge 0 Shenyang machine tool machine tool of numerical control of China of rule the region of own technology innovation exhibits exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control to carry off in machine tool of Shanghai opening Shenyang machine tool of homebred numerical control " Chun Yan award " " 915 " the bureau is uncommon happy event of machine tool company is obtained " Chun Yan award " arouse- - Xi Menzi attends CCMT to obtain satisfactory.

Basically analyse from the following respects:

Tell from dimensions, foreign enterprise scale is larger, for example: American card is special company, it is one of S&P500 strong companies. Its product includes a hand to use tool and dynamoelectric tool, vehicle diagnosis and repair equipment, diagnostic technology reachs relevant product, apply extensively at domain of commerce of etc of car, aviation. Tool industry dimensions of China is major lesser, range of products is not quite rich, typical " much and not strong " .

Tell from strategic plan, the product of world top-ranking company, often give a person a kind of very distinct impression. Our tool industry is existing excessive competition, numerous domestic manufacturer and brand advocate line of business is not prominent, core competition ability is poor.

Tell from the brand, tool industry of abroad has become the transnational corporation that great reputation enjoys on international, and tool industry of China is for the most part on the international market silent and anonymous.

Tell from the technology, we are as far apart as what cross state-owend enterprise trade, they have design ability and process instrumentation, have the design reserve of lead, and our technology is lacked badly.

Tell from the talent, a lot of foreign country enterprises go to China to produce, what they take seriously more is Chinese market, know Chinese market for development, foreign manufacturer invites Chinese mainland to turn a talented person with high pay, be willing to part with or use spends money to buy information. Chinese tool industry extends overseas market, want to be walked out of, but lack talent of the elite that cross a state and the person that have rich commerce experience.
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