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Active the 5 big cutting tool of world at Chinese market are factional
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In recent years. 5 big cutting tool of active on Chinese market world are factional: Hill is especially: The United States is; Japan is; Israel is; Europe is.
Hill spy department includes hill spy dimension to overcome coke full Sandvikc0r0mant, hill is tall (Seco) . Titex. Val (Walter) , valenite.
For example Swedish hill remains independent Yu Tian high between the ground. In the outstanding achievement forms for reporting statistics that publishs external in Shanteweike even, hill is tall also be to appear independently. When Shanteweike buys Valenite. Seco buys French knife handle and boring cutter production company successfully -- EPB company and the Jabro company that Holand produces milling cutter of integral hard alloy, perfected its range of products further; After household company covers with tiles Er is selling Shanteweike especially, still be busy Waerte the double dilate of business and brand; In deep lonely L treatment domain is having the Titex company of prominent dominant position, will appear to stand in the behind the curtain all the time for years, attend CIMT to exhibit alone first till 2003 meeting. Sale amounted to it is reported 2007 20 million yuan, titex has had enough bottom gas to acquire larger market share with independent image.
The United States is main in order to agree accept Kennametal, widia, Star for the delegate. The United States agreed 2002 after offer company Kennametal is bought. Consolidated its are in greatly the position of automobile industry. As the whole world the 2nd bolo has a company, kennametal belongs to low-key carry basically on Chinese strategy to make. Be in however " Dao Shan " a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of all corners of the country that goes up countless, a lot of with agree accept is concerned, this also is the yellow Bu military school with Chinese elegant cutting tool. A lot of agents that become famous later are from agree accept gives comer. Giant and the public praise that works hard for years in China, perfect sale network already made they make the brand of the most influential after China is next to Shanteweikekeleman force.
Japanese department includes 3 water chestnut, live friendly, Toshiba, OSG. Black outstanding, not 2 more, day stands etc. With the accurate Japanese cutting tool that say, the acting channel that is in China matures some are complexly. Play weighs somebody, any Japan cutting tool passes its representative company. Can enclothe in half an year go up in dry basin of Xinjiang tower Er. Euramerican company pays attention to the construction that sells a network continuously quite, have the mechanism of mutual protection to the agent. Strength is solid.
Run a standard; And Japanese company often of apt market develop. Sometimes scanty at brand management, caused an agent numerous, mutual even " clutch goods " . This kind of situation had caused the height of Japanese supplier to take seriously, strengthening channel management should be one of main jobs that Japan fastens.
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