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When pneumatic tool is used safeguard reach maintain
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Safety is normative

(Before 1) uses pneumatic tool, read this manual without fail please, it is only after complete understanding content, ability can use pneumatic tool in working circumstance, and need to carry out its content strictly.


Pressure of the biggest operation does not exceed please when use tool, (100PSI/7.0BAR/7.0kg/cm2) the job below the environment that often makes pneumatic tool is handling pressure more than, the service life that lowers tool itself greatly.

(2) changes the tool uses gas to be torn open from air origin place first please when tool or fittings below.

(Blinkers is worn as far as possible when 3) is operated. Earplug. Guaze mask in order to defend oneself safety.

(When 4) is operated, do not wear write full clothing and other articles of daily use. Scarf. Cravat or hand are acted the role of, lest by mobile or turn

The spare parts be involved in that move and create risk.

(5) is when pneumatic tool and join of source of tall calm sb's anger, blame when using, do not press trigger.

(6) ensures at any time spare parts state, the spare parts that become loose can cause serious risk.

(When 7) replaces tatty spare parts, use appropriative spare parts please.

(8) does not use pneumatics to provide damage or be to bump.

(9) do not point to the tool oneself or other.

(Before 10) is used, whether does examination pneumatics canal have flimsier or the place of damaged, if discover afore-mentioned states, update instantly please, in order to defend safety.

(11) locking is all screw cap, screw, decide all equipment are in safe condition. Lubricating moderately is the responsibility of the person that the tool is used. The meeting in compressing air has hydrosphere to condense, easy cause rustily if shorten greatly without measurable lubricant meeting,enrage the life that uses a tool.


Pneumatic tool all needs to try to lubricate in use around.

Of air motor part lubricant, air motor needs daily and lubricant, but the frequency is not too much.


Before lubricating, ask unplug the tool from source of high-pressured area air first below.

(1) unplugs the tool from high-pressured area below.

(The trigger below 2) pressing joins 3~5c.c pneumatic labour to have special oil from the head that take energy of life at the same time. Receive the tool on high-pressured air source, be in rag of steam vent hood or towel. The tool that start, , changeover each 20~30 second, receive when tall calm sb's anger after going out to drill, lube is met from eduction of back row stoma.

Those who pound a group share is lubricant (butter) , concussion wearing group needs every weeks to be made lubricant maintain.

(1) unplugs the tool from air pipeline below.

(The screw on the lid before 2) pulls out (or before loosening directly, build) will before the butter that concussion reachs to wear the remains on the group inside the lid is abluent.
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