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Energy-saving aid push the market to walk along fast transducer latent capacity
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"Current, chinese transducer occupation standard is in protocol process, will be in enter executive phase soon. " on June 27, chengdu hopes Sen Lan transducer makes Chen Bin of limited company general manager, in Beijing new mostly restaurant holds " forum of height of 2006 energy-saving China is met " .

"Forum of height of 2006 energy-saving China is met " core content is findings report of Chinese transducer user release and the user is satisfactory 10 old brands award prize, these two activities are versed in by machinery industry of trade news academy and market institute are sponsorred, " market of mechanical and electrical products " magazine company undertakes. On the meeting, 10 old brands chose satisfaction of Chinese transducer user 2006 announce, first what the brand such as Xi Menzi, ABB and Sen Lan, Lidehuafu holds 10 old brands of abroad and country respectively, automation of Luoke Wei Er is obtained 2006 " energy-saving China highlights contributive award. "

Industry of academy of machinist trade news and Zhu Changfu of market institute director express, this activity, aim to advance Chinese market frequency conversion the effective application of energy-saving product, stimulative our country comes true " 915 " specific power consumption drops 20% , power consumption drops the target of 7% , pass this conference, the throughout the country the activity of week of energy-saving conduct propaganda is turned to the climax.

Energy-saving business chance is aided push the market to warm up

Electric machinery system is energy-saving it is national hair changes appoint started 10 big focal points are energy-saving one of projects. National development plans to ask, should extend frequency control currently energy-saving technology, namely the general and mechanical system such as fan, water pump, compressor uses frequency control energy-saving measure, industrial machinery uses technology of timing of craft of AC motor frequency conversion. Be in " 915 " during, our country runs system of implementation electric machinery efficiency to increase 2 percent, form year of section phone capacity to amount to the target of 20 billion kilowatt hour.

The expert inside course of study introduces, capacity of aircraft of general assembly of our country electromotor makes an appointment with 580 million kilowatt, the 60% ~ that take countrywide total power consumption 70% . Among them, AC motor is occupied 90% the left and right sides. Expert analysis, at present the moving efficiency of of all kinds electric machinery adds authority to compare abroad on average low 3 ~ 5 percent, the efficiency of fan and pump should compare a developed country low 2% ~ 3% , whole runs efficiency in system of used electric machinery drive lower than abroad nearly 20% . If press electromotor total capacity 10% undertake timing is transformed, by year move on average 4000 when, section report leads 25% computation of 20% ~ , year section phone latent capacity is 32 billion ~ 40 billion kilowatt hour. Increase the section phone latent capacity that the electromotor that undertakes timing is transformed to improve technological process can bring, latent capacity of total section phone is 50 billion kilowatt hour about, be equivalent to 10000 million year of electricenergy production of the firepower power plant of made of baked clay installed capacity. This shows, electric machinery system is energy-saving it is the field that commercial latent capacity has most on Chinese energy-saving market at present.
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