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Deepness analyses hardware Electromechanical enterprise how to carry out ERP
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The ceaseless development of the progressively development that reforms as economic system and market economy, the happening that the inside and outside that place of business of hardware Electromechanical industry is faced with manages an environment tremendous change, traditional administrative pattern and administrative measure already cannot get used to this completely to exceed convention to develop change, the enterprise must jump an updated step on management, accordingly, build system of business management information, computerization administration achieves in enterprise interior, already became urgent matter.
Hardware Electromechanical enterprise carries out EPR failure case study
The enterprise is mixed in the capital with was thrown fixed, resource a series of business activities, after start and implementing the informatization project that is main content with ERP system, the situation that a lot of accidents encountered in because be in,carrying out a process brings about a project with difficulty to stop.
In home, quite one part enterprise is in development process compete to get used to increasingly intense market, in enterprise interior executive ERP manages systematic data not complete count, in existing ERP system application, the company that carry out successfully and orders earnings takes very few in the final analysis only a few following reasons:
Above all, ERP is academic from substantially the category with vest in scientific management. And a lot of enterprises of home think ERP is computer technology however, overwhelm the task of executive EPR on computer staff head, why to undertake considering to develop the ability of administrator, this kind knows the error on understanding, caused, the exemple buy of position of primary and secondary, with the waste of resources manpower.
Next, the enterprise implements ERP system. Accept the administrative base with beg an enterprise to have certain, the business flow of the enterprise wants smooth, current bill wants a standard, also have corresponding demand to the quality of personnel, and we have some of company. Going up before ERP system, ignored these foundations work, it is simple only place the hope at ERP system, think to wanted to use ERP system only, the job of each respects of the enterprise can have a big change, this is not actual.
The 3rd, some enterprises are when the process that carry out, the problem that the aim that did not implement ERP software system clearly and the goal that will achieve make clear an enterprise to exist in management course, what problem should be solved among these problems through carrying out ERP, through carrying out ERP management system, hope achieves what kind of goal.
The 4th, a few enterprises are in executive process, the circuit of systematic professional work that discovers ERP the difference of administrative existing state of affairs at the enterprise is too big, bank company fits software, still be software those who get used to an enterprise to go up is indecisive, ERP system carries out no less than going to.
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