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Lukewarm city fastener course of study a year " bunch " tighten one billion four
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Market of small screw screw cap nots allow small gaze, industry of lukewarm city fastener binds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of cake one year, already formed the throughout the country's biggest fastener group industry. This is the guild of fastener of lukewarm state city that the reporter holds from 9 days of 2 know on general meeting.

Current, wen Zhou shares fastener to produce a business 2100, annual produce maintains for years continuously be in many yuan 100, fastener of city of lukewarm 2007 state occupies the 1/4 above of countrywide sale, formed industrial group appearance. Because produce the fastener in the process to belong to easy running stores, product requirement is bigger, its sale carries 10% growth rate of the left and right sides all the time. Product of the fastener on the market wait to count a company for our city of metric means supply and countrywide each district with gunny-bag everyday, use extensively at the industry such as car, electric power, electric equipment, building, machinery and hardware.

In recent years, because raw material rises in price, exit drawback is reduced, the RMB appreciates, labor cost rises... each " obstacle " make the enterprise is in the nearly 1000 wife and children of Wen Zhou city weak point close cloudily in time of 3 years. Upgrade, transition is a when be placed before industry of Wen Zhou fastener urgent task. According to introducing, through conformity of 3 years, beneficial result of trade of lukewarm city fastener did not glide, in the discovery in the investigation of association of lukewarm city fastener, "Disappear " in nearly 1000 small companies, be gone to by conformity for the most part in the company with big dimensions. And the acute that counts as the enterprise is decreased, the figure of industry of lukewarm city fastener also promotes accordingly, annual produce exceeds 100 million yuan have 10, a hunderd schools amounting to number of 10 million yuan of above. 70% what was not the fastener of mark abnormity to hold home market especially, the innovation that passes a mould realized blame mark abnormity automation production, more the one big distinguishing feature that becomes Wen Zhou.

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