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3 big questions are worth to pay close attention to annual of electrical enginee
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Hangzhou is long celebrate trade limited company to supply entrance bearing SKF. . .12.00/ is covered this year second half of the year, mission of electrical engineering trade is full, order increases substantially. The expert is forecasted, environment of domestic macroscopical economy develops to electrical engineering industry still very advantageous, the industry will be obtained develop quickly continuously, hopeful of annual growth range is amounted to 25% .

Order grows considerably

Newest statistic data shows the industry, the enterprise of 97% above orders goods the quantity is compared the corresponding period grew somewhat last year, its the enterprise of 75% orders goods volume growth exceeded 20% . 33 large and electrical engineering enterprises order goods the quantity all has different level growth, its grow 10% compared to the same period have 2, grow 10%~20% compared to the same period have 5, grow 20%~30% compared to the same period have 6, grow 30%~40% compared to the same period have 3, grow 40%~50% compared to the same period have 2, grow prep above compared to the same period of 50% have 12.

Those who deserve attention is, suffer seismic calamity to affect bigger Oriental and electric group, had carried on at present China the home such as group of group, can wide nucleus generates electricity 100 million yuan of about a hundred order of bibcock enterprise, right east the economy after electric group shake restores to form strong support.

According to forecasting, annual will complete electrical engineering trade this year gross value of industrial output (present price) 2.4 trillion yuan, grow 23% compared to the same period; The industry that finish sells production value 2.35 trillion yuan, grow 23% compared to the same period; Finish advocate business Wu income 2.3 trillion yuan, grow 23% compared to the same period; Total of the profit that finish 138 billion yuan, grow 25% compared to the same period; Amount of the imports and exports that finish 112 billion dollar, grow 25% compared to the same period.

Its, main product output will be finished generate electricity equipment makes an appointment with 120 million kilowatt, the utility boiler that finish makes an appointment with 350 thousand evaporate ton, the AC motor that finish 215 million kilowatt, install does the transformer that finish make an appointment with 1.1 billion kilovolt, switch of the high pressure that finish board about 470 thousand, cable of the power that finish makes an appointment with 16.5 million kilometre, aluminous skeining thread of core of the steel that finish 1.15 million tons.

Face 3 big problems

The expert thinks, look from the economic environment of current international, home, the main area that economy grows more quickly smoothly does not have a change, electrical engineering trade is total development posture up-and-up, but the influence of a few adverse elements nots allow to ignore.

Affect electrical engineering industry to last the main problem of healthy progress comes from 3 respects: It is raw material rises in price substantially, company cost rises faster, profit space is squashed further, bring about a few enterprises to lose development reserve strength; 2 it is from what tighten monetary policy causes company capital tension, especially it is more difficult that small business is managed; 3 it is wind-force generates electricity equipment industry appears blind and outspread symptom.
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