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IC market anticipates early-warning market situation may worsen further
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Considering the influence of market of chip of conductor of financial crisis half-and-half, ISuppli of market research firm was moved recently fall semiconductor industry income anticipated 2008. ISuppli will IC income anticipated by growth 4 % attune falls to grow 3.5 % 2008, warn say " if economic situation continues to worsen, IC market may be farther be thwarted " .

"Credit crisis affects semiconductor market badly. " DaleFord of ISuppli senior vice president expresses in a statement.

ISuppli still is moved considerably fell to store market income anticipates, especially DRAM market. ISuppli will semiconductor memory income anticipated tone falls 2008 5.8 percent, DRAM anticipates tone falls 5.4 percent.

Ford points out: "The crisis of wall street may spread to extensive economic field, if the enterprise is unavailable credit, the demand of electronic equipment and semiconductor can be affected. The demand of electronic equipment and semiconductor can be affected..

ISuppli expresses, the near future appeared new DRAM market goes weak signal, those who include to come from PCOEM demand is abate. ISuppli last month the grade DRAM supplier by " neuter " tone is " negative " .

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