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Expert of mass rally of global semiconductor market will discuss energy-saving t
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On October 12 the 10th hand in meeting and ELEXCON high to be about to kick off, mass rally of market of semiconductor of 11 days of whole worlds appears first, pulled open the heavy curtain of industry distinguished gathering.

The mass rally of global semiconductor market this year with " power semiconductor technology and market are exhibited " for masterstroke, attracted the international such as NXP, IR famous semiconductor manufacturer is attended, the senior expert of ISuppli of famous market research organization issued newest market report, yu Zhonghou of deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen municipal government attended plenary meeting, industry and informatization ministry are energy-saving with use section chief of department Huang Jianzhong integratedly to attend a meeting address, guangdong saved He Tao of semiconductor guild deputy secretary-general to also attend plenary meeting. More than 300 come from semiconductor manufacturer and cent to sell trade delegate, and personnel of the administrator that consumes manufacturer of electron of kind of electron, wireless communication, car and industrial control and technology, market control attends a meeting communication. Congress shows a network through the electron ( had a live show, attract more professional personages to participate in an activity.

Build as compose energy-saving model the establish of social target, the development of power semiconductor and applied foreground become more Anacreontic, china will make the biggest market of world power semiconductor. According to international authority the orgnaization is forecasted, 50% what power semiconductor will take the whole world in the sale of Chinese market 2011, approach 20 billion dollar every year. Predict to be in did not come 5 years, market of global report source control is average and annual grow 10% above, market of total power supply will reach 32.4 billion dollar, 7% what take whole semiconductor market. Product and car electron, industry controls the individual amount such as frequency of computer of PC, notebook, mobile phone, number wait for the main motive force that remains the market to rise.

Hand in meeting electron high to exhibit ELEXCON to had made one of exhibition activities with electronic the most significant industry, attracted what increasing semiconductor heads a company to take an active part in the technical conference of exhibition and the corresponding period, mass rally of global semiconductor market also makes the significant activity of semiconductor industry.

As world energy resources in short supply the aggravate that pollutes with the environment, "Zoology is designed " (the concept of EcoDesign) spreads more and more. Favour wisdom riverside is multiple embellish of plum of senior inspector general makes the same score market of region of big China of ministry of market semiconductor career gentleman, introduced efficient and energy-saving green product and power source solution. Vice-president of sale of division of international commutator Asia Mr DavidPoon was published " let us use a technology, create more the world of environmental protection " , introductory semiconductor technology is right the main effect of energy-saving environmental protection, as assist the DaleFord of senior vice president of ISuppli of market research organization that runs one of units, timWang of vice president of ISuppli Asia division, released " the future of semiconductor market " , " science and technology of power source drive, BCD or CMOS? " wait for newest market report.
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