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Of semiconductor contend for vassal set up a separatist regime by force of arms
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If everybody has noticed annual the rank of global semiconductor manufacturer, with respect to meeting discovery the Intel company is holding the position of head of a list of names posted up from beginning to end. The forestall overlord position that it builds in PC times, up to now unmanned can shake.

However, in the mobile Internet times that has come, the growth of traditional PC market will be entered gradually smooth period, and the development as mobile Internet, mobile terminal will make application of another killer class, include mobile phone, UMPC to wait for all electronic facility that can receive Internet at any time and place to will bring more semiconductor manufacturer more opportunity, and Intel ranks first position to will be pounded continuously.

Between the business of each company, the sale that comes from PC domain will be in the portion of total sales will glide, and mobile Internet business will hold main position. At the appointed time, the order that global semiconductor manufacturer ranks can produce change stage by stage, semiconductor industry can gain equal market share opportunity by right of blame X86 framework, enlarge oneself market share thereby, the position of prospective Intel will be challenged.

Additional, in hardware product more and more the times of standardization, software will start decision action in market competition, those make preparation earlier build the logistic semiconductor industry of powerful alliance with software firm, will have bigger promotion, and because competition is confined to the memory business that increases memory capacity, the rank can glide for certain.

A few days ago, ICInsights company was released this year first quarter data, can have seen mobile Internet industry brought an influence to the rank from which.

Ground of Intel as expected held the position of head of a list of names posted up, samSung although what its store the product can hold its sale is very major, but the applied processor that malic Iphone uses SamSung in the hand, also be one of main reasons, so it is ranked as before the 2nd, and regard the whole world as supplier of product of semiconductor of important and wireless communication, connect high 2008 sale grows 29% ranks to rise 4 repeatedly first quarter, before be being entered first 10 strong. Its are in the successful profit from that connects high the fast growth that WCDMA and TD-SCDMA chip are aimed at in 3G market.

And watch those to do not have the manufacturer to transition of mobile Internet terminal instead, its performance is bad. Look from increase rate, fly the Er that think of card is only the growth of 1% , and prime cause is his the product does not suit mobile Internet terminal, bring the car electron of profit of a huge sum and mobile phone market for its all the time, all appeared to glide. In the meantime, many main DRAM and shine put a supplier to all drop before going out 20 besides, be like Jimengda, Elpida, Spansion, Li Jing (Powerchip) , South Asia (Nanya) etc.
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