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Wang Jinrong talks strengthen staff of work of special type facility to manage a

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Maintenance of special type equipment is the tall danger industry with technical higher content, the operation is undeserved can cause the safe accident such as explosion, casualties even, if be engaged in the personnel shortage of this type of work,corresponding safety reachs professional skill consequence more serious. Accordingly, product of special type equipment produces enterprise and the exercise worker that use enterprise needs major, the mount guard that hold card makes the inevitable demand that the industry expands. Belt of institute of Chinese equipment government pressed Wang Jinrong of director of sealed technology center to introduce staff of work of special type facility to supervise administrative measure and belt to press sealed work staff how to obtain evidence in detail the relative standard of the respect such as the exam and code.

   Qualitative check total bureau is established about taking those who press sealed center and exam orgnaization

Basis of total bureau of national qualitative check " technology of pressure vessel security is censorial regulations " the 122nd regulation, appear when pressure vessel belt pressing can be used when urgent leak sealed. Accordingly, qualitative check total bureau is in belt of 70 order lieutenant general pressed sealed exercise to bring into special type equipment to undertake administrative 2005. " staff of work of special type facility supervises administrative measure " formulary work staff must hold card mount guard, to solve aptitude, total bureau of national qualitative check decides Chinese equipment manages association belt to press sealed technology center to be " belt of conduit of pressure vessel pressure presses orgnaization of exam of staff of work of facility of sealed special type " . Basis " method " regulation, from qualification of exam of classics of personnel of course of study, examine and approve by the branch that send card issue " card of staff of work of special type facility " , just can pursue corresponding exercise and administrative job.

Exam orgnaization is via legal process, approve formally via inspecting assessment hind. Carry out total bureau strictly exam and groom the technology that divides the fundamental that do strictly to press sealed work staff to taking grooms, groom the unit does not need to obtain approve and maintain a qualification, should have only groom ability, just be accepted by study can undertake grooming. And exam orgnaization must promulgate by qualitative check total bureau " belt of conduit of pressure vessel pressure presses outline of exam of sealed work staff " content has an examination.

   Take the moving case that presses orgnaization of exam of sealed work staff

Since exam orgnaization moved in March 2006 oneself, came to already organized 34 end-of-term examination to try its to admit application reference personnel by the plan in August 2008 1316 people. Among them the equipment maintenance technician that majority is manufacturing company, wait for large petro-chemical company like Guangzhou petrifaction, Anqing petrifaction; The professional of industry of the electric power such as company of iron and steel of hill of nuclear power plant of report of nucleus of hill of power plant of Hua Nengfu city, the Qin Dynasty, Daya Bay and company of treasure mountain iron and steel, saddle, metallurgy. Pass before taking an examination of, coach and take an exam with operation skill theoretically, the control that makes consult personnel presses sealed technology to taking is more comprehensive, mix more deeply to the understanding of technical knowledge system, the technology is applied more scientific also reasonable, level of stimulative technology whole develops and rise thereby.
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