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Self-confidence of solid footstep navigate strides past world

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-- visit a stage to amount to department of marketing of business of Electromechanical career department senior manager Liu Jia allows a gentleman

The stage amounts to electronic group to be in the ongoing pace of industrial automation domain, one if they are occupational the whole world is the biggest the leader position of switch power source is general, the footstep is solid and self-confident, the smile strides past world.

In light of turn one's head, they are in short 10 one's remaining years ascend namely the front row of body China market. And while pursuit develops, the stage is amounted to grasp again hold " energy-saving environmental protection loves the world " management mission, roll out efficient, energy-saving product continually. Current, the production factory that the stage amounts to and base of research and development already were enclothed Asia and a lot of Euramerican areas. To understand a development that amounts to Electromechanical career respect better circumstance and stage amount to the near future and future to be in the world of this one domain the strategy, china is versed in phone of reporter controlling a network interviewed a stage to amount to department of marketing of business of Electromechanical career department senior manager -- Liu Jia allows a gentleman.

   New start is new rise abruptly new span 

Liu manager introduces: 1995, the stage is amounted to roll out transducer, the mark is worn the stage is amounted to begin to enter industrial automation field formally.   

And describing simply after beginning, liu manager points out: The stage amounts to subsequently development, all the way high speed is dovish -- 1999: The stage amounts to PLC research and development to enter town; 2003: Servo of controller of optical type increment coder, temperature, communication (ASDA-A series) etc come out; 2004: Man-machine interface is born; 2005: Servo electric machinery (ECMA series applies to ASDA-B series) appear; 2006: Time / computation / rotate speed implement (CTA series) give heat; 2007: Without brush dc drive electric machinery (BLDCM) success research and development, brand-new come on stage.   

Liu manager is detailed still speak of: Among them 1995-2000 year it is to fumble level. In this one period, as a result of the confine of product line, dutt is not in the stage large plant research and development, built client relation and get through sale channel to fluctuate very great time. Be in 2001, 2006 this one phase, the stage amounts to the premise in sufficient understanding market to fall, rolled out the other product such as PLC, HMI, servo early or late -- the period in expansion of this product, market, on one hand, the product line that the stage amounts to, range of products is more and more complete; On the other hand, the stage amounts to the management access in the whole world, after service more expedite also. And 2007 up to now, the stage is amounted to already to more high level, more high-end propulsion, the brand ability that notes tall whole world of bring up again to manage -- this expression is in to having a product, such as transducer, PLC, servo, the stage is amounted to march in the round high-end application; In market respect, the stage is amounted to going up in the base that shows level to be given priority to with OEM client stage by stage, arrive with perfect Solution augment share of market of other industry, project.   

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