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Chinese illume maniac -- Wu Changjiang of thunder person illume

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My target is very big, it is to do China not only the first, make the world even the first!

-- Wu Changjiang

Wu Changjiang, male, 43 years old, person of Chongqing copper bridge, thunder person illume charges a limited company president. 1992 " go into business " do poineering work, established company of thunder person lighting 1998. Current, the company already was the manufacturer of production of lamps and lanterns with domestic the biggest dimensions.

"Start world brand, contend for an industry the first! Make a trade with the 3 time that come 5 years well-known trademark. " 9 years ago, wu Changjiang is like drunk wine on celebration of company start business like " Munchausen " , became reality today. He leads the Leishi company that he founds single-handed, with year all the growth rate of 80 % above, sale jumps from 27 million yuan many yuan 20, and overseas is opened " thunder person illume " brand shop, let a brand walk out of a country the door.

"Thunder person speed " let international cross a state tycoon pop eye. Is this what kind of " maniac " ?

1965, wu Changjiang is born in country of Chongqing copper bridge. 1985, because play of the university entrance exam is wrong, this Sichuan saves outstanding student cadre, with the Tsinghua university just miss the opportunity that admire in the heart, be admitted by northwest industry university, those who learn is flying mechanism is built. The Wu Changjiang after graduation is allocated the airline in the Western Han Dynasty of short for Shaanxi Province, had the job of an envy making a person. 1992, be promoted to be the eve of deputy director general with respect to shortly general, he chose abdication, the bosom is put " boss dream " , come to Shenzhen alone.

In the begining, he does security personnel in enterprise of a stage endowment. But he knows, this is not the pursuit that plays south oneself absolutely. After 45 months, he comes a Yu, enter lamp of a harbor endowment to act the role of an enterprise to work. After many training, his summary goes out " the boss is mensurable " : Want to be able to bear hardships above all; It is courage next big, have risk consciousness; The 3rd it is to have commercial consciousness. He discovers him above condition is had, additional, the book that oneself read is gotten more than a lot of bosses much.

A day after 10 months, there are 15 thousand yuan on Wu Changjiang's bankbook. He comes to the boss directly before, tell him him wants abdication to run a plant.

1994, total capital 100 thousand yuan, the company of electric equipment of benefit city Ming Hui of 6 people established partner, be in charge of in the round by Wu Changjiang.

The first piece of order of the company lets Wu Changjiang remain fresh in one's memory. Travelling merchant of a Hong Kong wants 20 thousand transformer, requirement the two delivery inside week. Those who be familiar with this group is clear, sheet is to open a mould to be about a month, but Wu Changjiang received sheet none hesitantly. Draw of a week time, fly a model, 10 much people worked a few all night continuously, made order for goods finally. This business earned many yuan 20. This year, 6 partner divided 380 thousand yuan each.

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