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Shi Naide is electric open China is energy-saving new scope of operation
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-- visit Shi Naide is electric (China) chief inspector of market of investment limited company Dr. Jihuade


Shi Naide is electric (China) chief inspector of market of investment limited company Dr. Ji Huade

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The life of French Ji Huade of 58 years old can be divided accurately into two parts by an incident 2008, this incident joined Shi Naide 1980 namely electric (the Meilanrilan at that time) . Ji Huade is in Shi Naide is electric job of 29 years produced a major change in October 2007, he is applied this to be able to bear or endure to China by tone heart is electric the 2nd big market takes up the post of the whole world market chief inspector, leader Shi Naide is electric strategic market position of China, responsible Shi Naide is electric of the market strategy that is in China make. Have aerospace technology doctor's degree and Master of industrial and commercial management (MBA) the Jihuade that degree has rich experience is a help undoubtedly Shi Naide is electric the appropriate person selected that realizes Chinese business promotion below current environment. Shi Naide is electric the contain of Chinese market environment that faces with Jihuade is worn enormous challenge and good luck, especially the rate that Chinese economy can grow eagerly of pair of technology of energy-saving environmental protection continuously is astonishing. Shi Naide is electric if China can be in make in the near future strong, be worth to trust highly can effect government trademark, the space that solves the sources of energy to use a challenge to gain business chance for China is infinite. Was in economic center Shanghai of China on April 11, 2008, reporter Xiao Jide and take office as Shi Naide chief inspector of electric China market Dr. Jihuade of strong full half an year had one job the first time communication.

Chinese good luck encounters electric energy measures Shi Naide

The first spring that overshoots in China should have to coming from French Jihuade perfectly feeling, and after the brigade of the Shanghai this April is experiencing the spring breeze of tenderness of Chinese Changjiang Delta, smooth still bought trifling enthusiasm.

By March, jiang Zemin of leader of the China before be versed in from electric machinery of Shanghai traffic university Cheng is of graduation 61 years ago is in those who publish on journal of Shanghai traffic university " to Chinese energy problem think " the article was caused discuss ardently of inside and outside domestic and internationally with course of study and think. Actually, technical field work is used to cross longer Jiang Zemin to ever was in Shanghai traffic university early to learn the press to had been ascended 1989 in electric energy " energy development trend and main and energy-saving measure " one article. Electric to today's Shi Naide He Jihua has Jiang Zemin's the sources of energy and energy-saving wisdom for heart taller draw lessons from a meaning. Jiang Zemin is in " to Chinese energy problem think " a group of data that cite in one article are inspired somewhat to Jihuade, in the carbon dioxide discharge capacity that combustion of fuel of nation of system of 10 old economy generated the whole world 2005, the 2nd is resided after China ranks the United States, and motherland France of Jihuade ranks last, in those days 7.7% what discharge capacity of French carbon dioxide is equivalent to China only. From the point of economic dimensions, after Chinese GDP ranked France 2005, rank No. 6 in the world, 115.9% what French GDP is China, the discharge capacity that will see carbon dioxide of Chinese unit GDP from pure number is 15 times of France, the sources of energy that can imagine a Chinese unit GDP to use up from this also will multiple at France. The development rule of French economy and experience can offer not little energy-saving wisdom for China, the responsibility of discipline Hua Deyou that comes from France and obligation pass these wisdom electric belt enters Shi Naide China, especially in electric energy this the most efficient mainstream the sources of energy uses a field.
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