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Soft scleroma closes, trend " compound model " develop way
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-- , appearance of instrument of industry of special interview machinery is integrated Xue Yiping of technical economy institute's director

It is Chinese automation industry 30 years of in the past 30 years when develop quickly, manufacturer of numerous abroad automation uses newest technology in Chinese project to come. Below the market environment of intense competition, the native land product that has vitality and technology rise abruptly ceaselessly. The appearance of machinist job instrument that holds water as 80 time is integrated technical economy institute (the following abbreviation " place of appearance put together " ) for, witnessed Chinese automation industry to develop a process fitly.
At the beginning of place of appearance put together holds water oneself, devote oneself to the research of industry soft science all the time, serve the participator at broad automation market. 30 years when develop in automation, the pattern of automation market produced very big change, there are new fixed position and new development way ceaselessly in the tide that market of automation of place of appearance put together grows.
2004, the leading group of place of appearance put together realizes gradually in the job, in the development of market economy, the research that pursues industry soft science merely is far insufficient. Begin from 2005, support energetically in what superior leads below, should be undertaken energetically reform and structural adjustment, put forward " soft hard union " development train of thought. 2006, national endowment appoint approved this 15 million yuan of construction measure control and systematic lab, all adjustment on the direction that is based on soft hard union, at present preliminary already formed detecting attestation domain is built brand-new the frame of platform. For this, we interviewed the near future Xue of place of appearance put together averages a strong point.

   Reporter: Whether can you introduce the history of place of appearance put together to us? Are 30 years when industry of automation of place of appearance put together grows medium position and action what kind of?

   Xue Yiping's director: Go up century 70 time end, total bureau of industry of national apparatus bearing held water below the expert's appeal, appearance total bureau resumed the work of information room later. Cancel of total bureau of industry of national apparatus bearing established appearance of instrument of machinist trade department to manage later, established this institute formally 85 years. From the point of historical course, the business of place of appearance put together is information together, it is the management that standardizes the job together. Of course, the main job way of this place is the research that coordinates mechanical ministry to do soft science of a few industries and administrative job, if information is mixed,seek advice, standardization is waited a moment. Be close to 30 years, pursueing the relevant job of soft scientific research all the time.
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