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Innovate: What cost of wire cable company rises is essential
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According to CCTV 27 days of evening broadcast " economy half hours " the information is a lot of more possible the person did not have been to Wen Zhou, but very few somebody is trashy the product that passes Wen Zhou, na Xiaocheng of this short for Zhejiang Province, produced the dress of 10% , shoe of 20% , razor of 60% , 65% lock of countrywide, glasses of 80% , metallic crust lighter of 90% and the watercolour pen of 90% , fittings of autocycle of products of low-pressure electric equipment of Wen Zhou, hardware, car, ceramic also has important place in home, can say, the rise that Wen Zhou makes is a reduction that China makes progress, however, our reporter discovers however until Wen Zhou is interviewed recently, place a few once prosperous production business, the day is sadder and sadder now.

V/arc be on the throne at Wen Zhou the factory of a clothing of city some developing zone, look from the exterior, the scope that the factory building with 4 tall buildings shows this clothing factory is not little, after walking into a factory when the reporter however, saw such setting however: The production of thousands of square metre does not have one person for nothing in the workshop, piled up in the one horn of workshop many greatly small parcel, the reporter is opened look, what install inside before is the dress that has machined, hundreds sew equipment is put crowdedly together, what hinting here once had had it seems that is busy, and in light of the time that this announcement from the wall releases, this year still producing here.

Regard this clothing factory as exclusive nowadays personnel staying behind, this security personnel still remembers be before two many months clearly, here or machine noisy and confused of plangent, voice, everyday in and out of hundreds of workers, make him so busy that rest without kongfu almost, however how didn't he at that time also think of, the Spring Festival produced an unforeseen event suddenly afterwards, because deficit expands ceaselessly since last year, the boss of this clothing factory must put out a factory very reluctantly.

After the Spring Festival passes this year, a lot of astute Wen Zhou's people discover suddenly, it seems that Wen Zhou's plant shuts between one night stopped a lot of, meanwhile, be made over about workshop on newspaper and hack information is increasing also, be full page full page everyday, laowang was a of rental information to publish workshop among them, he tells a reporter, this his workshop also was to lease factory of a clothing before this, because the business is bad to do, this year during the Spring Festival the boss of this clothing factory put out yard to retreat hire did not do, then Laowang is forced to seek new client again, although advertisement was ascended 56 times,do not pass, qianye was spent many, but how is workshop also hired,go out, compare two years with the head, hire was reduced 40% the left and right sides, but workshop still is hired,do not go out, this makes Laowang very anxious, facing empty factory building, in old Wang Xin very be anxious, he does not know his workshop ability lease goes out after all which days.
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