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Visit Suzhou bright general manager of limited company of rich automation equipm
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Suzhou bright limited company of rich automation equipment is Hua Dong area a major offers research and development to produce to electronic manufacturer solder of the circumfluence that do not have lead, alternative solder next machine of the makings on stannic furnace, semi-automatic printing machine, SMT, makings machine, . The company sets professional manufacturing shop especially in area of Suzhou industry garden, from project research and development design, production is made, to quality control and after service all can be coordinated run efficiently, went to the lavatory greatly the client's requirement.

To comply with the demand that the market expands quickly, the company expended development of much labor power, financial capacity to roll out AOI, reach device of solder of alternative wave crest, devote oneself to service of hi-tech, high quality, actor, sincere letter to manage, satisfactory service, base oneself upon is long-term, provide the most excellent facilities and high-class after service for the user cordially.

During bitter fleabane of everythings on earth of duration the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day is sent, company general managerZhuang ChunmingGentleman jump at this print special interview

This print: Just go 2007, it may be said of SMT market competition is unusually intense, excuse me, expensive department the outstanding achievement last year and development state of affairs how?

Village always: In 7 years we basically consider SMT market the development henceforth, we threw many manpower financial resources to be on new tasted research and development. The competition as SMT market is at present more and more intense; Of all sorts of the heighten of labour cost, labor code come on stage, the product requirement of SMT is stricter and stricter, we are in development and expand while also obtained right result.

This print: We understand from each respect, your eye has newest product to recommend piece, whether introduce to us, the circumstance of the new product that at present you roll out? What advantage does this product have?
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