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Far east brand spans type develops course
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In Feburary 1990, jiang Xipei fundses raised by oneself 1.8 million yuan, asked for 3 mus of ground, established in model path developing zone " Fan Dao is electrical engineering and plastic factory " , namely the predecessor that far east accuses a group, company staff sum total has 28 people only at that time, the company establishs 4.62 million yuan to achieve sales revenue in those days, achieve many yuan 1800 the 2nd year, become a company that take shape. But be like in the strong opponent forest, state-owned large and medium-sized the wire cable industry that the enterprise holds absolutely dominant position, the far east in those days is little known still, the identity of civilian battalion enterprise also makes the development of far east is restricted a lot ofly. For seek bigger rapidder development, far east 10 years undertake 4 times changing making early or late:

   Change for the first time make: Changeover manages a mechanism, rely on a talent to extend the market
90 time are worth the seller's market times that demand exceeds supply, far east product demands exceeds supply. But the development of civilian battalion enterprise is in get below the condition at that time very big limitation, company move person is not easy, the talented person of high administrative levels is right Lv of impeach of heart of civilian battalion enterprise, do not be willing to come; The bank also is not willing to provide loan, industry financing is very difficult.
92 the beginning of the year, deng Xiaoping is published " south make one's rounds speaks " , pointing out a town enterprise is one of 3 large dominant positions that build socialism with Chinese feature, should develop energetically further, gave to the town enterprise a series of favourable policy. Then, far east accepts the proposal of Zhang Baihong of secretary of countryside Party committee, change at will be being reached with country government 92 years in Feburary make management agreement, wore actively " redcap " , transform the company make do a business for countryside, the collective of countryside of capital incorporate into administrative areas that accumulated about 5 million yuan all.
Change this make for the enterprise development gained good capital support, also strove for the favourable policy of the respect such as taxation, the talent that solves deep administrative levels introduces an issue, of the same age, the Yu Zhengming that the company introduced institute of cable of mechanical ministry Shanghai is advanced engineer, make the enterprise had the first " regular professional training " the expert of one's previous experience, in anxiety the chief engineer's guidance falls, company formulate business development far seeing plan and target of near future development, produce the civil wire with technical low content from sheet, to technical content all sorts of tall industrial cable way develop. The company obtained rapid development, change 92 years make in those days, the sale of the enterprise broke through 50 million yuan, to the end of 1994, sale is with one action exceeded 150 million more, the total assets of the enterprise achieved 50 million yuan, become change 10 times before making. During this, company also 3 name altering a plant, register a name formally to be " without Xi Yuandong (group) Inc. " , implementation rolls type develops.
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