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Technical forerunner makes world intelligence turn electric high-quality goods
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-- visit Shanghai Reynolds Er president of electric limited company Mr Chen Guocheng

Shanghai Reynolds Er is electric limited company is the high-tech enterprise that market scientific research, production, commerce is an organic whole, long-term since with unit of domestic scientific research together product of joint research and development, the company already built the new product that has actual strength quite to develop a research organization, have advanced technology and modern product line, soft starter of professional production electric machinery, transducer, intelligence is changed electric be defeated with high low pressure change report the high-tech product such as whole set of equipment. To understand the company culture of Reynolds Er and brand strategy further, this publication editor comes to headquarters of Er of Jia Dinglei Nuo, covered country the president of father Chen Guocheng of enterprise of soft starting bibcock (the following abbreviation " Chen Dong " ) .

Predestined relationship from soft case breed electric high-quality goods
Go up century 90 time metaphase, chen Dong produced the opinion of soft starter of home of research and development, work at beginning 95 years to make flexible starting transfer of technology in Wuhan, 97 years Reynolds Er moves Wuhan production base to Wen Zhou, begin to undertake the market of soft starter is developed.
At that time, domestic user does not understand soft starter mostly, more do not talk to go up application, reynolds Er adopts the form such as the seminar, explain the common sense of soft starter and advantage with the client face-to-face. Begin, the company is entire member make promotion sale, opened home market inside very short time. To strengthen internationalization to manage, 99 years Reynolds Er moved Shanghai. "Shanghai is the place that a talent collects, also be cut a point with what international conforms. Pass Shanghai, radiation whole nation, base oneself upon is congener product, scan widely world, contend for start international brand. " the reason that Chen Dong explains choice Shanghai.
Accumulate achievement for years now brilliant, the consistent self-identity that the Reynolds Er that produces per year sales volume to occupy first place of course of study of person of the same trade more continuously already obtained social all circles and affirmation. Soft starter of Reynolds Er electric machinery already included national torch planned a project 2000, technology of national science and technology medium, small business innovated 1999 project. Reynolds Er company also is obtained early or late " Shanghai is new and high technical company " , " the whole nation defends a contract to weigh credit company " , " small giant cultivates an industry " , " enterprise of civilian battalion science and technology 100 strong " , " business of stage of credit grade Aaa " , "Enterprise of imports and exports " , company product is judged to be product of product of Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai name actor, company brand is judged to be Shanghai famous label. In December 2006 " Reynolds Er " brand is maintained to be " Chinese well-known logo " .
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