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Capture good luck to increase strength
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  One, challenge of since of macroscopical adjusting control also is good luck

Go the winter begins, macroscopical economy is changeable; Enter autumn since, the situation is more exasperate. On international, american happening second borrow the crisis, lei Man's brother, AIG closes down, get into trouble of room ground beauty, Fang Limei; In home, long triangle, bead the incorporate into one's own forces of medium, small company with many triangle, go bankrupt, close down, increase money market constrictive, inflation. Should say, macroscopical situation and objective reality appear gave adverse one side, the situation this year is really 89 years since a most austere year.

First day of the lunar year of our board of directors held special subject meeting, studied macroscopical situation technically, pass an analysis, we made preliminary estimation to the development trend henceforth. We think, any difficulty are opposite, economic situation is same also, the crisis and challenge are really serious, but good luck and hope exist likewise. A since is the most difficult this year year, but also be development space a the biggest year. To the enterprise without dimensions and actual strength, vivosphere really smaller and smaller; But, to having actual strength, go up for the enterprise of dimensions, the market that medium, small company exits, natural by us big, medium-sized company comes fill. Say so, for the company that has certain brand force so to people electric equipment, challenge of since of macroscopical adjusting control also is good luck, when the crisis happens, actually the opportunity also came. The 3rd quarter, the index of each economy technology of people electric equipment rose compared to the same period 37% , explained with respect to enough this is nodded.

At present the situation falls, mid market looks the situation still is not very good, hubei drops somewhat compared to the same period, the growth range of Jiangxi also is not very big. But, other market growth is very rapid, the sale of a few markets had broken through in 3 quarters 100 million. Each job has a risk, before great storms, it all depends on human effort. , avoid risk, seize opportunity, it is our responsibility, also be our obligation. Good luck arrival, fleeting, before the opportunity, everybody is equal, face a chance, want seize every minute and second. People's brand is me, be you more, should make the brand do greatly strong, need our joint efforts!

   2, need of managing and energy-saving since also is the task

Begin last month, the group is in launch structural reorganization, add close cut down expense activity. Industry of present low-pressure electric equipment, the product does not generate profit, it is administrative generation profit. I emphasize wanting again and again on a lot of conferences managing, energy-saving, economic. Actually, not only it is to make an unit want managing, energy-saving, economic, sale unit also wants likewise managing, energy-saving, economic. We are all the salesperson should be in managing expenditure, reduce cost fluctuation time.
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