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2008 individual own technique 10 big trends
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Every cross   one year, can become to the individual own technique of the media player from mobile phone, small device function better, dimension smaller, price is lower.

Be based on shine put exceed portable computer

Current, the leading sheep that who is notebook computer and mobile phone market be clear at a glance. But the domain between mobile phone and notebook computer still remains to contend for. Although appeared last year hundreds product, from super- mobile computer, exceed portable computer to arrive flat computer, but the attention that did not draw mainstream customer.

All these will produce change 2008. An Eee PC of little known Hua Shuo of Linux notebook computer is roily transcend mobile computer market, changed people to be in the expectation of the price and mobile sex respect. This computer price is low to 300 dollars, deserve to have clavier, screen, Wi-Fi and model of clam shell type, already going the end of the year is released.

The god has been answered to come in once Cong Huashuo is Eee PC act out of normal behaviour, low breathtaking price, can notice a bit noise does not have this equipment. It used efficient 900MHz Intel to surpass raise processor, do not need big cooling fan. Eee PC used as similar as IPod Shuffle storage device: Solid state shines keep equipment.

2008 will be to exceed the frivolous, times that exceeds computer of quiet Shan Cunwei notebook to be popular. The famous works chamber of commerce such as apple and Dai Er rolls out some technically kind be based on shine put exceed mobile computer, change the market of this kind of product thoroughly.

Free Internet is received

Kindle device of Yamaxun beat Suo Ni's product in respect of sales volume of holiday of electronic book reader. Both is offerred exactly like screen technology, but a service that Yamaxun has Suo Ni to do not have at least: Complete inside buy unlimited, free mobile broadband is received.

Yamaxun can accomplish this, it is because of this equipment passed the paragraph to optimize, so that Yamaxun gains profit from which. Wireless and main the other service that is used at buying the electronic books, newspaper that order and magazine and Yamaxun.

In the meantime, we may see the new fund reader that provides free Wi-Fi to receive a service. Arrive from the airport, plane, Mcdonald's astral Buck, wi-Fi received a service to appear free trend. To the end of 2008, receive amount of free connective user to be able to receive the heat user amount that collects fees into need more than.

Family expenses robot

The product of family expenses robot that appeared 20 years in the past is not much, not be too stupid it is too expensive, did not get be used extensively.

But intelligence changes rate the family expenses robot with tall, reasonable price can enter the mainstream 2008: Rise robot and family expenses computer repeatedly through Wi-Fi, make computer appropriative the cerebra of the robot. This kind of innovation means the cost of family expenses robot to want hundreds of dollars only.
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