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Enhance real skill to let visual perception suffer truer
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  perhaps wears special 3D glasses when us one day in the circle bright garden strolls when, can admire in those days round bright garden is royal the grandiose view of gardens. This is not film setting, however " enhance real skill " the wonderful experience that can bring us. What the research project that Beijing manage is versed in the Wang Chong day of the university teachs a leadership is devoting oneself to to finish pair of Yu Yuanming garden through enhancing real skill is fictitious rebuild.

Enhancing real skill is the technology such as graphics of computer vision, computer in in recent years heat of a research, it adds fictitious 3D figure through can be in true setting, bring an user true feeling. The application in enhancing real skill at present is most wide is " be based on artificial mark to nod " enhance real skill. Through the simple design that prints artificially is being decorated in setting, the square that codes than containing interior like or a few triangles, OK and attendant Jing Zhongtian adds all sorts of fictitious 3D objects. The link that research of service of Boeing company computer and technical group will strengthen real skill to apply at the plane to make medium power line cable and wiring implement assemble; The newest PS3 game of Sony company " the eye of adjudgement (Eye Of Judgement) " also be to use " be based on artificial mark to nod " enhance real skill to develop, the apply colours to a drawing with this distinct in the real environment beside the player game gives 3D to blame the game part such as animal, got extensive reputably.

Recently, dr. Liyu of college of Beijing grain industry is in " be based on artificial mark to nod " significant breakthrough was obtained on the research that enhances real skill. " journal of computer science and technology " (JCST) published in November 2007 the 6th period published this to study positive result -- " the mark dot that is based on invariant ejaculation a film enhances actual system " . In will shooting shadow invariant of creativity of work of this one research to introduce what artificial mark nods to identify a technology, use what mark point adds in offerring the corresponding feature that registers precision to nod to identify encode information, thereby can more make full use of the in-house area that artificial mark selects. The experiment shows, with all sorts of domestic and internationally having technical photograph is compared, this kind of technology is OK will " the smallest identifying area " contractible make an appointment with 1/3 to the half, also can assure the precision that very tall setting dogs at the same time.

The main problem that indicated the dot enhances real skill to be come up against in application artificially in the past is, requires mark drop measure is larger, those who affect setting is beautiful, also can restrict the athletic eye shot of camera. Adopt technique of this one innovation, can make indicate the dot is made more cabinet artificially, make application more convenient thereby. Also widened greatly at the same time the athletic limits of camera, this system can be used inside further limits. For example, the sign that if reality increases in,16 paper size needs so in the system is nodded, apply this technology to need 32 size to be able to obtain same precision only. And if this system is medium,the symbol that uses 32 measurement is nodded, can allow camera to film inside further limits setting.
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