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The thinking of instrument appearance and automation business
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June 5, 2008 is " World Environment Day " . U.N. Environment Programme will this year " World Environment Day " the theme is certainly " change traditional idea, carry out low carbon economy " . This theme asks each country government, enterprise, community takes step jointly, reduce carbon to discharge, promote build low carbon economic system and lifestyle, green economy, clean economy achieves inside global limits, and reduce small effect considerably the use of mineral fuel, development is new-style at the same time but second birth the sources of energy.

Since Industrial Revolution, the greenhouse gas year after year such as the carbon dioxide that the mankind emits into to the middle of atmosphere increases, atmospheric greenhouse effect also increases subsequently. As what have social sense of responsibility the company should act.

For instance: The use that reduces fuel of pair of small effect fossil, farther rise right can of effect use, development is new-style but second birth the sources of energy, walk along low carbon to develop way, and the system that climate of work up slow down changes and mechanism will reduce gas of room of carbon dioxide isotherm discharge.

For instance: Improve an environment abide by the law consciousness, raise the propulsion of the development of energy-saving technology and concept, advance clean production and resource the sources of energy to be used integratedly energetically, contend for become practice energy-saving decrease a platoon, advocate the actor of zoology civilization.

For instance: Develop environmental automation product and technical research and development actively, include: 1, environmental information is monitored 2, in automation of small sewage treatment plant 3, in automation of plant of processing of small water supply 4, in water automation 5, automation of environmental protection equipment 6, contaminative source monitoring.

Actually we see business of a lot of automation is in environmental protection and the contribution that the energy-saving respect that decrease a platoon makes.

For example: The sources of energy of moxa silent unripe network grasps all the time hold " energy-saving environmental protection " the company develops the strategy, development goes include air conditioning of DataMate3000 series nicety inside a series of " green " product, got include thereby " bird's nest " inside the favour of project of construction of infrastructure of numerous Olympic Games.

For example: Will begin May, mu dragon group made activity of environmental protection volunteer wait for an activity. Half an year of mobile general last a period of time, among the daily life that popularizes environmental protection and volunteer activity to each employee and job, be like: Go out to choose public traffic all right or walk; Report of the Lantern Festival closes outside noon break and working hours; Do not use one-time chopstick, use paper circularly; Compulsory forest; Attend 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and activity of volunteer of rich of 2010 Shanghai world actively to wait a moment.
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