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Electronic transformer changes direction to develop to miniature
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Electronic transformer industry is the demand that gets used to market economy and form a complete set, in last few years, management mechanism had bigger change. The data of guild statistic shows, civilian battalion enterprise already took electronic transformer trade 50% the left and right sides. At present market of transformer of our country electron is in steady state basically, because electronic transformer belongs to labor concentrated model product, cost of our country labor is lower, the industry did not get bigger impact, export side had further growth instead. Transformer of our country electron exported the forehead to be close to 1.2 billion yuan last year, grow 2.66% compared to the same period. The traditional product that a few years of production still are before the electronic transformer of our country produces items is in the majority, still be to use silicon steel piece, ferrite, enamel-insulated wire, plastic framework for main raw material and component. To give new-style electron product form a complete set, introduced technology of R swage core in last few years, developed R transformer, raised the quality level of electronic transformer further.
Electronic transformer is one of fittings that big, weight weighs the bulk in electronic product, expand demand to get used to the miniature of electronic product to change, the market is sure to promote electronic transformer product to frivolous little direction develops, more important is as overall the change of function, be sure to drive electronic transformer product to high frequency change, the new-style transformer way that small loss, surface sticks outfit and new material, new structure develops.
Henceforth a few years, the technical development trend of electronic transformer is the product changes development to miniature. The development of miniature electron transformer of abroad is at present rapidder, the miniature transformer that has produced a 5mm of × of 5mm × 5mm and thickness are the planar transformer of 0.2mm only, enterprise of foreign capital of our country minority has had this kind to enclose miniature electron transformer, and domestic company still awaits development. Miniature turns the development tide that is new product.
Transformer of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report has gotten applied extensively in abroad, use extensively already in the LCD especially.
The production of transformer of the pottery and porcelain that suppress report will change the tradition of transformer to produce kind, will be replaced material of main raw material, magnetism, enamel-insulated wire by place of stuff of pottery and porcelain, will make the treatment craft of this part transformer produces fundamental change.
The electronic transformer of our country produces the 20% above that hold global total output, basically supply base what our country has made an international market. What compete as the international market is intense with each passing day, to reduce cost, be sure to drive transformer scale of production to change further, form dimensions benefit, compete in order to get used to more intense market.
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