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Geomagnetic sensor- - new-style car detects sensor
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Geomagnetic sensor is usable at detecting the existence of car and model identify. The sensor that this kind of to earthly magnetic field influence when using car to adopt way will come to to finish car to detect and current and commonly used geomagnetic coil (call ground feeling coil again) detector photograph is compared, have installation measure tall, construction measures small, sensitivity small, service life is long, of face of satisfy the need destroy small (wired installation needs to open a 5 millimeter to be seamed widely in road surface only, wireless installation needs to hit a diameter in road surface only 55 millimeter are deep the hole of 150 millimeter, when road surface need not be destroyed when test point hanger or flank are installed) wait for an advantage, concentration is collected to be sure to have very main effect in the information of intelligent traffic system.

Car detects the current situation of sensor

As flying development of economy, the investment strength of infrastructure is greater and greater, one of expression are road construction. But because road construction is periodic and general longer, its grow not to follow to go up far the rapid growth of car, make traffic situation increasingly exasperate, this becomes the common fault of all cities almost. The change solves method effectively of current situation of this kind of transportation to build perfect traffic supervisory system in urban transportation management department namely at present. The main goal of traffic supervisory system is the change that gets used to dynamic transportation situation. Transmit its traffic management center through collecting traffic data namely, the analysis undertakes in the center, the basis analyses a result, the center carries control car discrepancy and signal lamp, thereby better control traffic; The center still can use these data to take step quickly when producing traffic accident. At the same time the management center can transmit collection traffic data to the driver, this conduces to slow down heavy traffic, optimize course of drive a vehicle. Apply traffic supervisory system to be able to increase existing viatic traffic capacity, harmonious processing breaks out sexual traffic incident, alleviation traffic block, improve traffic condition thereby. Data collects a system to having very main effect in traffic supervisory system, it is necessary that so research has the data that uses value higher to collect a system. Car detects sensor is the crucial part that data collects a system, the function logarithm of sensor decides action since the accuracy according to collecting a system. Conventional traffic data is collected is spread sensor of coil of the feeling that set the land through be on road surface, this kind of method has the following drawback:

One, it is coil when be being installed or be being safeguarded must direct embedded driveway, such traffic can get block up;

2, be the coil that bury buy cut seam bate road surface, make road surface is damaged easily;
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