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Forgot to tighten the switch rotary plows "bite through" Farmer legs Quzhou
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Recently, Quzhou Quzhou County, Handan City, a town of fields, with the "ah" scream, a farmer plowing his left leg by rotating the plow tooth penetration, the wound was full of blood. 13 am day of the incident, many villagers around the side of the injured youth, not daring to move the injured. According to informed villagers, the young man who was plowing with rotary plows, forgot to turn off switch, resulting in rotating plows rolled pants, plow into the leg, the left leg to plow tooth penetration. While many people do nothing, when young people groaning with pain, fire and medical personnel arrived, he stopped the bleeding and were on treatment, and agree on specific ripper methods. Rescuers will first plow teeth fixed all the screws removed, and then expand the use of hydraulic cutting pliers to expand rotating plows, so the main gear from the plow. Meanwhile, the villagers were injured youth good help to prevent the plow from the teeth and the main difference from the time, resulting in unnecessary pain injured. After 10 minutes, with the main gear from the plow, and all the injured quickly loaded onto the ambulance and taken to hospital for treatment. Currently, treatment of injuries among young people is further, there is no danger.

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