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Shrapnel checks a note
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The device that   place uses
Guide a test.

Check a place: 1-128 (also can expand 256 are nodded) ;
Test time: <0.5 second

Across encircles (transfer annulus) :
This across circle is in metallic shrapnel (boiler young piece) coping clarity is visible, from this circle begins, the radian of shrapnel to all round outspread. Shrapnel is played by the farewell after pressing to former position, right now position is with this across the circle is fiducial. If shrapnel just rebounds so far the position, prove the strength of shrapnel, spring back, center, prejudicial it is normal to wait. If cannot rebound,come here the position, because have,then this shrapnel may be such or in that way reason.
When shrapnel (boiler young piece) suffer force to press after pressing, strength is released, shrapnel fails to come back former position (condition) , and maintain fall in another position or condition. Below this kind of circumstance, shrapnel shows two kinds of steady state. This kind of circumstance, we say for bistable (Bi-Stable) .

The performance that any destruction that encircle to across can affect shrapnel so that cannot spring back comes former position, because this meeting reduces the strength of shrapnel, feel, more serious perhaps is, bring about product dead Key, not spring back, lose its basic function.

The reason below can bring about the destruction of shrapnel function likely:
Exceed the journey: If use the route of the shrapnel oneself that exceeded when shrapnel, can destroy its across circle to cause property damage thereby. This kind of phenomenon basically is behaved what press shrapnel to exceed its bottom to press is horizontal. Typical case is like a shrapnel park over two protruding dot and among be without prop up, such shrapnel exceed his extremely easily the greatest distance. .
Dent: If use an acerb object,be like pencil or fingernail (say to use fingernail to had delimited in shrapnel surface for example) etc.

With hard and compressed and be equal to or be more than what across encircles to press the damage that controls shrapnel to be able to bring about across to encircle (if cross old osculatory plane, test first class)
Make shrapnel is passed complete roll press also can cause property damage or rupture.
The part that uses when shrapnel place was not placed smooth or solder firm when, go pressing right now pressure shrapnel may bring about horn to rupture or shrapnel slants.

A few common problems were listed merely above, in metallic shrapnel (boiler young piece) assemble actually in the center the issue that may be put in more expect to be less than.

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