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Freezer " temperature is compensated " switch has what effect after all
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  freezer is in archives there is on the setting " temperature is compensated " switch, need to just leave when temperature is low only, it is in all the time below normal circumstance close position. Switch is touched to be by accident accidentally " " , but also did not discover freezer has what change.

This kind of freezer is mechanical lukewarm the only system freezer that accuse. This kind of freezer has probe of a temperature in cold storage area, its join is lukewarm accuse implement, use control compressor to whether work. Cold storage area asks commonly 10 ℃ of 0 ℃ ~ , if indoor environment temperature is adjacent or under 10 ℃ , so the temperature that temperature probe measures is met long under 10 ℃ , at this moment compressor does not work. And resemble such circumstance, started by accident when needing temperature to compensate " temperature is compensated " switch, can cause compressor to move for long, actual temperature can compare freezer the temperature of set or archives should low. Inside short time, such doing besides cost report, do not have too big impact to the use of freezer, but time grows or can shorten of freezer service life.

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