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The classification of connector
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  comes for years the classification of connector is confused, each manufacturer have his to classify method and standard oneself. Deserved to sell trade association in American country electron 1989 (NEDA, namely abbreviate of National Electronic Distributors Association, it is organization of an industry education) below support, the assemble of a few big manufacturer that produces connector is together, formulate standard of classification of a connector and term. Molex firm ever attended formulate course.

NEDA standard

NEDA upholds this standard of formulate, call connector component to classify grade (Levels Of Packaging) . Show resume to express at falling:

0 grade

IC chip or chip arrive enclosed connector
Notice the 1st grade is "0" class please, not be "1" class. This class does not involve connection actually. 0 class are integrated circuit chip. Molex company does not produce IC chip. But the electrical outlet that produces a chip to receive circuit board repeatedly.

1 grade
IC component or component arrive (circuit) board connector
When IC chip installation is when the electrical outlet of circuit board is medium, it is 1 class join.

2 grade
(print) circuit board (PCB) to (print) the connector of circuit board
2 class connector is used at printed circuit board the join between.

3 grade
Lead arrives circuit board or the connector that add up to minute of combination in group
Printed circuit of join of 3 class connector board combine with cent, or it is to join two cent are combined. Dividing combination is the component of electronic product. According to the habit of Molex company, 3 class also include certain lead to arrive lead connector.

4 grade
Box arrives box or input / output connector 4 class connector
Provide power or signal link. General experience is: When join involves frequency or video signal, or it is join network and computer when, want to use 4 class connector.

About afore-mentioned connector grade, when does need notice as follows:
■ certain connector is OK and more than use at a grade, for example QF50 of 3 class connector and MX50 can be used at 2 class or 4 class. The Molex that calls 4 level like mark again is inputted / output uses plug, electrical outlet, also can use at lead to arrive circuit board or board to board join.

■ in real work very few according to afore-mentioned level refer connector, discuss it however according to the exterior form of connector and join means, be like board to board wait to the line with the line. Level is used at learn and classifying connector.
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